Kindness in the Classroom

Want to know how Kindness In The Classroom can help you pro-actively teach kindness?
Watch our 7 minute video introduction.

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Does Kindness Really Change School Culture?

Yes! Research shows that teaching social and emotional skills like kindness improves behavior and academic success. We believe it does even more than that... we believe kindness creates conditions which lead to a caring environment for students, teachers and community members. Everyone benefits when individuals, schools, and communities embrace kindness.

  • “It is more than telling them ‘don't bully’ or ‘follow the golden rule.’ RAK leaves a more significant impression on the kids and they have fun!”Colorado School Teacher
  • “I think kindness is really important because when I am mean to people it doesn't make me feel so great, makes me feel better when I am kind.”Student
  • “I think it is starting to permeate the whole school—adults and children, and it has brought us together as a staff.”Colorado School Teacher
  • “Students have an awareness of kindness being global, not just in the classroom, but at home too.”Colorado Teacher

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Resources for Educators

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Welcome Educators

For any educational context, from preschool and elementary through the teen years, in schools large and small as well as home-school, we provide resources to supplement, complement, and support positive behavior goals. You'll find excellent resources like our free lesson plans, kindness project ideas, calendars and graphics, and more.


New Lesson Plans


We provide engaging, accessible, high-quality (and FREE) resources to support schools, homes, individuals and communities in taking action to develop a culture of kindness.

Engaging Lesson activities capitalize on how students learn most effectively, incorporate videos/games/songs, and support both students’ and teachers’ social emotional learning.

Accessible All students should have equal access to learning. Lesson activities are developmentally-appropriate, offered in English and Spanish, and respond to classroom needs—including students with mental health and special education needs.

High-Quality Designed with intention. All lessons are evidence-based, integrated with academic subjects, and aligned with national education standards including: Common Core, 21st Century Skills, and CASEL’s social and emotional learning core competencies.

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Kindness Project Ideas


Looking for fun kindness-based activities for your classroom? We've compiled dozens of great ideas to engage your students, start conversations, spur random acts of kindness, and build an overall community of kindness at your school. Visit our kindness project ideas page for details.

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Kindness Resources


We offer a variety of other kindness resources that are sure to inspire kindness in you and your students. You can download and share kindness calendars, posters, cards, and videos.

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Kindness Clubs


If you really like doing random acts of kindness and don't already have a club in your school, perhaps you should start a RAK Club. Visit our Kindness Clubs page for helpful tips on getting started. Once you get going, we'll list your club on our website.

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Kindness Research


Is there real scientific evidence that being kind can make a real difference to the well-being and health of individuals who both practice and receive it? Find the latest kindness research here.

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Human Rights Lesson Plans

We've adapted three of our lesson plans to focus on human rights issues. Consider using these plans if you are teaching this subject to your students. These plans are aligned with the Common Core.

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What has RAK been up to?

  • Co-hosting an SEL Forum with Mark Greenberg and Daniel Goleman.
  • Creating a kindness-themed summer camp in China.
  • Organizing our annual summit with SEL thought leaders and practitioners.