Calendars & Graphics

Our calendars and graphics make it easy for you to pass kindness on and to celebrate kindness daily. We also make it easy for you to participate in specific week long celebrations of kindness! Each year The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation designates Random Acts of Kindness Week, and participates in World Kindness Week. The dates for each week are listed below—be sure to save them on your calendar!

Kindness Concept Posters

Download and print our new Kindness Concept posters. They are available in three different sizes and in English and Spanish. There is a set for elementary school kids and one for middle schools.

Elementary Posters

Available in four different formats / languages:

8.5x11" PDF English 11x17" PDF English 8.5x11" PDF Spanish 11x17" PDF Spanish

  • Posters_1
  • Posters_2
  • Posters_3
  • Posters_4
  • Posters_5
  • Posters_6
  • Posters_7
  • Posters_8
  • Posters_9
  • Posters_10
  • Posters_11
  • Posters_12

Middle School Posters

Available in four different formats / languages:

8.5x11" PDF English 11x17" PDF English 8.5x11" PDF Spanish 11x17" PDF Spanish

  • Posters_middle_1
  • Posters_middle_2
  • Posters_middle_3
  • Posters_middle_4
  • Posters_middle_5
  • Posters_middle_6
  • Posters_middle_7
  • Posters_middle_8
  • Posters_middle_9
  • Posters_middle_10
  • Posters_middle_11
  • Posters_middle_12

Download the above posters in 8.5x11", 11x17" or 18x24"

2015 Kindness Calendars

Our fun calendars feature an idea-a-day you can do to practice random acts of kindness.

  • January_2015
  • February_2015
  • March_2015
  • April_2015
  • May_2015
  • June_2015
  • July_2015
  • August_2015
  • September_2015
  • October_2015
  • November_2015
  • December_2015


Kindness Monsters

This is KaBAAM and KaBOOM. They are kindness monsters—superheroes of Kindlyvilleopolis, a super kind town in Monster World. Seems the Human World has become a little unkind lately so KaBAAM and KaBOOM are here to help.

Print out and build your own kindness monsters, then perform an act of kindness for someone else. Leave a kindness monster and card (included) at the scene of your RAK to surprise the recipient.

Monster Cutout Pattern (color)
Monster Cutout Pattern (black and white)


Tag! You're It!

Next time you commit a random act of kindness, include a "Tag! You're It!" RAKTag card to encourage the recipient to pass it on.
Download PDF

Kindness_poster_everyday Kindness_poster_texting

Mini Posters

Download our page-sized posters and hang them up in your workplace or school. They’ll give everyone some great ideas to practice kindness. Download Ideas for Texting and Ideas for Everyday Kindness


Kindness Cards

We created these kindness greeting cards for you to send to a friend. There are a few different styles to choose from featuring different inspirational quotations. Make someone’s day with a card that shares a kind thought or recognizes a kind heart.

Card Exterior (shown)
Card Exterior (balloons on white)
Card Interior (Winnie the Pooh)
Card Interior (Emerson)
Card Interior (Chinese Proverb)
Card Interior (Longfellow)

To use these cards, download the exterior and interior of your choice and print them back-to-back, cut out using the provided guides, fold, write a kind message and send!

Bookmarks_red Bookmarks_green Bookmarks_teal


Brighten someones day with a random act of kindness: Download and print copies of our new bookmarks, write something kind on the back and then leave them somewhere for another person to later discover.

Red Bookmark
Green Bookmark
Teal Bookmark

Kindness Tags & Cards

Here is another set of cards & gift tags we made for you to download and print.

  • Rak_kindness_cards
  • Rak_kindness_tag_1
  • Rak_kindness_tag_2
  • Rak_kindness_tag_3

Even More Resources For Your Classroom


Start A Club

Why not start a kindness club at your school?



Inspiring Videos

View our collection of inspirational videos.



Book List

A collection of great reads for you or your students.



Inspirational Quotes

Post a kindness quote each day for your class.


Please use these graphics without alteration and on the item for which they were designed (unless you have prior written permission from The Foundation). Please see our FAQs for further explanation.