RAK Week Lessons and Projects

Submitted by Kathy; Charlotte, NC
Read through this lesson plan for ideas on how to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness week in your classroom!

Type of Activity:

Random Acts of Kindness Week Celebration


During National Random Acts of Kindness Week, my class participated in several kindness projects and lessons. The following information will explain the week’s lessons and projects. Also enclosed are student products, photos, parent newsletter, journal page, Acts of Kindness contract, Tic, Tac, Toe Kindness Activity Board and student reflections. All the Kindness Activities implemented literature books, writing and social studies skills.

All lessons began with a literature book, which revolved around the theme of the kindness activity for that day. All lessons involved writing and responding to the activity and the kindness activities included citizenship social studies objectives. On Friday - Class discussed What are Random Acts of Kindness? How do you show kindness to others, the Earth? We discussed how showing kindness can be contagious and hopefully others will pass it on. Teacher shared story printed in the RAK newsletter regarding the car and the tollbooth kind deed and how it was “passed on”. Teacher discussed the Random Acts of Kindness Week and went over activities and lessons for the next week. In their writing journals, students made a list of ways they could show kindness to others and their surroundings. Teacher and students discussed the importance of doing acts of kindness, naturally in hopes others will also do good deeds and they will be passed on.

On Monday students received parent letter, Acts of Kindness Contracts and Activity Board. The parent letter included a journal page for the family to fill out and return to make a class book. Samples at the end of the document..

Grade Level:

Elementary (developed for a 2nd/3rd grade class)


Class activity, One week

Materials Used:


Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Palocco
Miss Rumphius by Barbara Clooney
Stevie by John Steptoe
Whoever You Are by Mem Fox



Students read about Veteran’s Day and teacher led class discussion regarding veterans. Students described a veteran, the character traits of veterans, and feelings for veterans. Students made cards and wrote letters to our servicemen and women. They were personally delivered to a Lt. in the United States Army whose mother works at our school. He is stationed at the Pentagon. He was in the Pentagon on September 11. The students learned the importance of our servicemen and women and how we should respect and honor them for protecting our freedom and country.


Teacher read the story Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Palocco. Teacher led a discussion on our Mr. Falker showed caring and kindness to his student. Students discussed how teachers or other adults have shown kindness to them. Students identified the characteristics of teachers, coaches, parents, ministers, and other older adults who have shown caring and kindness. The kindness activity for this day was candy treats and cans of coke for teachers at our school. Students then made slogans for treats that they were giving to teachers. Students decided on “We hope this makes you snicker,” for snicker bars, and “Teachers are sweethearts,” for sweet tarts. They also made little notes for Coke cans that were also given to each teacher. The slogan read “Have a Coke and a smile.” Students delivered these treats that afternoon. Some students used their own money to buy treats. We discussed this act of kindness as well.


Teacher read the story Miss Rumphius by Barbara Clooney. Teacher led discussion on how it is our responsibility to show kindness and caring for all living things. This was the theme of the story and the main character lived her life making the world a more beautiful place. Students discussed ways they can show kindness and care for our Earth and all living things and how they can make the world a better place by doing kind deeds. Students created lists and shared with the class. Students were partnered with a classmate and cleaned the school grounds. Students collected 11 large trash bags of trash around the school grounds. Students then scattered seeds and feed birds around the schools natural area.


Teacher reread the story Stevie by John Steptoe. This story is about an older boy who has to help take care of a younger neighbor. Teacher led discussion of how younger people look up to older people and the importance of being good role models. Students discussed ways in which they could be good role models to others. Students read books to a first grade class. Each student now has a first grade reading buddy whom they read to once a month as well as write letters back and forth. My students gave them bookmarks and encouraged them to keep up the good reading.


Teacher read the story Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. This book emphasizes how each person is special. Teacher led discussion on how it feels when someone compliments you and makes you feel special for who you are. Students discussed ways they could make someone feel special for who they are and for their special talents and gifts. Students traced handprints and wrote classmates, peers, teachers, administrators, parents, friends, and siblings “Pats on the Back” for doing something kind or special. Students then taped the “Pats on the Back” on the people they chose who they wanted to give a “Pat on the Back.” Students reflected on the week’s lessons and activities through a class discussion. Students followed up on their reflections by writing a brief summary of what they learned about acts of kindness and how they felt when they performed an act of kindness. Reflection samples are at the end of the document.

Also during the week my class made announcements on our closed circuit morning news program encouraging schoolmates to participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week. Students read acts of kindness ideas and encouraged those who perform an act of kindness to sign a banner the students made for all students, teachers and parents to sign. The banner read, “We Performed An Act of Kindness-Pass It On!” The banner hung outside a main corridor in the school so it was accessible to all. My students made their own stickers using labels that advertised Random Acts of Kindness and passed the stickers on to others in hopes others would perform an act of kindness.

Our class also received local news coverage from a reporter at our local newspaper. A copy of the news article is enclosed. My students continue to do acts of kindness and we continue to recognize each other for these acts during our daily compliment session and by filling out journal entries and Acts of Kindness Recognition forms. The journal entries are added to our class book and the Acts of Kindness Recognition forms are given to the student by their classmate who “caught them doing an act of kindness.” My students have recognized each other for holding the door for others, for opening the door for guests, for helping students who drop their trays, for picking up trash in the bathroom or cafeteria, my students play with those who they normally wouldn’t play with, they have completed chores at home without being asked and I could go on. My students have truly benefited from participating in National Random Acts of Kindness Week and are changing the world one child and one act of kindness at a time. It is refreshing to see my students naturally doing for others. We continue to do mini projects for others and look forward to celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week in February.

(Samples of letters, worksheets and kids work below)

Kindness Clipart

Dear Parents,
The week of November _____ is National Kindness Week. Our class will be doing various acts of kindness throughout the week. Our goal is to want to naturally do acts of kindness for people, living things and our Earth every day! If you can recall an act of kindness that your child or family was involved with this year, please fill out the following form for our class book. During the year we will add other acts of kindness. Please keep us informed throughout the year so we can continue to add to our book. Your help with this project is greatly appreciated. Below is a schedule of the Acts of Kindness our class will perform. I hope your child will share his/her experiences with you. We hope our Acts of Kindness will be passed on!!!

Monday: Write letters to veterans. Learn about Veteran's Day.
Tuesday: Treats for School Staff.
Wednesday: Clean up school grounds, plant seeds and feed birds.
Thursday: Read to first grade class.
Friday: Write a "Pat on the Back" to someone special in your life.

Your child's literacy homework will also implement some Kindness activities. Thank you for your support with this special week. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to teach your child and work with you.







Kindness Clipart

___________________________________ did an “act of kindness” when
From: _____________________________
Here is a picture of the Act of Kindness:

(attach photo)


1. Keep a journal of acts of kindness you perform. Tell what you did and how you feel, why did you do it? Write at least 5 entries. Illustrate one act.

2. Do at least 3 acts of kindness from the kindness grid of activities/ideas. Write in each grid the date and activity you did.

3. Find newspaper articles about citizens performing acts of kindness or good deeds and showing good character. Make a booklet of all the articles you find.

4. Make a list of books you have read where the characters have performed acts of kindness.

5. Create an acrostic poem for the word KINDNESS.

6. Design a poster illustrating an act of kindness. Include a caption.

7. Make a list of things you could do that show kindness. Include at least 10 things on your list.

8. Design a bumper sticker for Kindness Week.

9. Interview a family member or friend about kindness. Ask them questions about what kindness means to them, what do they do to show kindness, tell them about Kindness Week and tell them to pass it on!!! Write up your questions and answers.

Choose at least 3 activities! Be sure to practice kindness every day!! Remember
we want people to pass it on, too!!


Kindness Clipart

A Time I Showed Kindness


Random Acts of Kindness witness form

Samples of Kids’ Letters, Cards and Illustrations of Kindness:


Kid's Random Acts of Kindess illustration


Sample Letter to Servicemen and Veterans:

Front of Card

Kindness Card front

Inside Card

Inside of Kindness Card


Kindness Acronym

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