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Could you and your friends benefit from a little more kindness? Chances are the rest of your campus could, too! Here you’ll find all sorts of kindness ideas that are perfectly suited for your college or university from exam-time treats to free hugs. And if you really like doing random acts of kindness, perhaps you should start a RAK Club at your school. Download our 10 step guide to get started. Or browse our directory of university RAK clubs and see what’s happening on other campuses around the world for some inspiration.

How To Set Up A Club

So you’re interested in creating a kindness-related student organization? That’s great! We put together a PDF outlining ten steps you can take to get started.

10 Steps to Creating a Student Organization

Featured Kindness Club Story


Crimson Kindness Club Strikes Again

A great write-up by Meredith Cummings for about the Crimson Kindness club at The University of Alabama. Read the article to see how they helped fellow students survive "Dead Week" with random acts of kindness.

Kindness Videos

RAK Clubs & Orgs


Featured Club

Dartmouth Random Acts of Kindness is a community of students who wish to spread joy to the Dartmouth and Hanover community.

To learn more, visit Dartmouth Random Acts of Kindness website.

Other RAK Clubs & Orgs

We’re collecting a list of kindness clubs around the country. Check out our current list to find a club near you.

University Kindness Ideas

Ride Your Bike to Work or School

Riding your bike every day may sound like a lot of work, or even exhausting. But in reality, it's good for the body and soul, as well as the environment,...

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Help Your Teacher by Working Harder in School

It’s safe to say that all teachers want their students to be successful and to do well in school.

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Help Keep Your School Clean

Did you know that how clean your school is can affect how well you learn? Keeping your school clean can actually help you perform better academically, because there will be...

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Obey the Rules at School

Sometimes it might seem like there are too many rules everywhere - at home, at school, in the games we play.

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