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Submitted by Mireille from Kapuskasing, Ontario

I have set up a box in our workplace (Child and Family Services) and have started by giving the fisrt RAK. Every recipient needs to write what act they received on a strip of paper which will later become part of a paper link chain in order to get a visual of kindness over a 4 week period. I have assigned a person from each program within the agency, including the residence. Lets see how long this paper chain will be =)

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I put $3.00 in a envelope and taped it to a vending machine with a message to have a drink and snack on me with a message Brenlda from Pa

Wow that's a good idea! Justice from Strum

I hope the chain never ends! Brillian Linderluu from Boston

I received a smile to pass on to someone...anyone who is in need ..if I were able to help anyone with anything ,It would be a smile Tina Perkins from San Angelo,Texas

I moved a seniors car so she could just pull out, she gave me a little note that said thank you so much for your kindness. It made me smile! Cindy from Stamford Ct

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