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Send a Little You to Someone New’s Send a Little You to Someone New program gives random people from around the United States the chance to spread holiday cheer by sending joyful little bits of themselves to new pals all over the United States. Each person who signs up will send a card to a pre-determined person AND receive a holiday card from someone else in return! The best parts of this program are the connections being made from miles away with perfectly personalized messages in beautiful cards. Oh, and it’s completely free! Just enter on’s Facebook page to sign up.


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I am a 3rd grade bilingual treacher at Springbranch ISD in Houston Texas. I am really interested to use Random Acts OF Kindness within my classroom. The postcards topic is really a great one that could help students to sort places, identify states, cities, counties, and get involved in science and math through this great idea..please let me know how to implement it

Alfonso Fernandez from Houston Texas

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